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Porn Laid Bare sets out to explore the relationship between gay pornography and gay and bisexual men’s attitudes towards sex, risk and pleasure.

This website includes information on our research, our findings and the recommendations of our expert panel.

Whether you are a clinician, a health promotion worker, a policy-maker or a member of the gay community, we hope that you find this website useful and interesting. The links to the right cover the projects findings and recommendations, while the links at the top provide information about the project itself.

What is porn for?
What exactly is bareback porn?
Bareback pornography and HIV – it’s complicated
What is it about bareback porn that makes it so popular?
Do you feel anxious about watching bareback porn?
Does watching bareback porn lead to you having bareback sex?
Talking about porn is important

Intervention Toolkit

Read suggestions as to how health promotion practitioners can engage with the increasing popularity of Bareback pornography, and utilise these suggestions in developing future sexual health promotion interventions.

Tool kit